Core Speed Training

CORE SPEED is a state-of-the-art testing and training program for maximizing sports speed and agility. The program has a strong emphasis on learning foundational movement patterns in order to reduce injury risk and unlock the greatest potential for high end athletic development. Small, age grouped sessions, ran in two separate six week programs to choose from. The program encompasses full pre/post screening and testing with the tests listed below. The first six-week session will start on June 2nd and go through July 9th and the second session will be starting July 14th through August 20th. Sessions will be held in the morning hours with specific times for each age group. For those athletes who would like to participate in each of the six-week session there will be an advanced program that continues to build off of the first six weeks. Sessions will be held at Stoddard Park and will last for one hour twice a week. The times of each group will be listed below as well.


  • 8:00am -- 9:00am ages 14-19
  • 9:00am -- 10:00am ages 10-13
  • 10:00am -- 11:00am ages 14-19
  • 11:00am -- 12:00pm ages 10-13


  • Y-Balance
  • Pro-agility
  • L-Drill
  • 300 Meter Shuttle
  • Vertical Jump


  • Linear Speed Training
    • Acceleration Mechanics
    • Top Speed Mechanics
    • Stride Frequency/Length Maximization
    • Explosive Training
  • Change of Direction Training
    • Breaking Down
    • Kinetic Chain Stabilization
    • Quick Feet
    • Plant Mechanics

COST: $175

Tyler Woodall

(Certified Speed and Agility Coach)

Tyler is a native of Coeur d’Alene and attended Boise State where he received his BS in Kinesiology. Post-Graduation Tyler stayed in the Boise area and worked in the field as a sports performance coach and athletic program developer. Tyler and his wife Jessica are glad to be back home and give back to the community they love.

Contact Tyler directly for questions about program specifics
(208) 819-1645.