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Very professional place.
I can only rate one person-
"ZACHARY PARKS, DPT- as I only worked with him personally.
He is knowledgeable,cares about you getting well,and knows how our bodies are put together. To me, that's important,since Doctors never tell you anything.
I may still need some kind of surgery, but if I do, it would not be for the lack of their knowledge or caring!

July 26, 2017

North Idaho Physical Therapy

I have worked with the therapists at North Idaho Physical Therapy for rehabilitation following two knee replacements, one hip replacement, and one shoulder replacement. They have always helped me get back to doing the things I love. Most recently they have helped me overcome hip bursitis and return to dog agility training and trials with my two shelities, Honi and Misti Rose. Thank you NIPT!


North Idaho Physical Therapy

I have been a patient at North Idaho Physical Therapy for 20 years. I have been there after surgeries, pulled muscles and tendonitis. The friendly and professional staff get me back to work, play and to the things that really matter most.

Kathy McDowell

North Idaho Physical Therapy

North Idaho Physical Therapy has helped me whenever I have needed it--from recovery from injures playing sports when I was a kid and now as a professional motor cross rider. Thanks for yourgreat care NIPT!

Ryan Breece

North Idaho Physical Therapy

After 15 years in the Fire Service, working construction and playing sports, I needed help. Rotator cuff surgery, total knee replacement and most recently back surgery. North Idaho Physical Therapy has always come to the rescue. I’ve felt so much better after all these years and been able to do what I want, enjoy life and do fun things. Thanks Matt and North Idaho Physical Therapy for making it all work...better!

“Joe-Scott” Guild

North Idaho Physical Therapy

Last year, I ruptured my Achilles tendon playing tennis. After surgery and ten weeks on crutches, I began physical therapy at NIPT with the goal of rehabilitating my injured foot and returning to physical activity as soon as possible. The therapists and other staff were great to work with. They were very thorough in developing a program that allowed me to make steady progress in my recovery. A little more than three months after I began physical therapy, I successfully walked a half marathon. Shortly thereafter, I was cleared to start running again, and in three months I ran a half marathon. I have since completed yet another half marathon and plan to run several more this year.I continue to achieve my goals as I strive to get stronger and run faster. A big thanks to NIPT for getting me back on my feet. With their guidance and therapy plan, I have been able to resume all activities I was doing before my injury.

Bob Springli

North Idaho Physical Therapy

NIPT put my body back together over and over as I prepared for the Ironman Coeur d’Alene.

Derek Garcia, CDA, ID

North Idaho Physical Therapy

In Dec 2012, I had surgery for double knee replacement. The next couple months were as diffi cult as any I had ever experienced. With NIPT’s help I was back at work in 6 weeks and as good as new in 3 months. Whenever I needed extra care they were available to help. This year I was skiing again and enjoying all the activities I used to do pain free. The staff at NIPT helped me through a tough time and helped give me my active life back.

Craig Leaf